Hello! 🙂 How is everyone doing again?  Another week has gone bye and it is P-Day again.  This week was a good week.  We had a lot of fun with our service because we did a lot of it this week.  It is safe to say that here on a mission the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days but I still cant decide if these 3 and a half months have gone by fast or slow??? I am not sure hah. Well here we go into my week!
Monday was a fun day because it was P-Day and P-Day is always fun.  We emailed and shopped and then even went and played basketball at the church and if you know me, you know that I am all over it if there is basketball involved.  Playing ball was a ton of fun even though I got a ball straight to the face which means……bloody nose!!! hahah I was all good and still enjoyed playing ball except I am getting nice and rusty since I cant play 5 times a week like I did back home but oh well that is the sacrifice I am making! 🙂  After basketball we went to the Matsons for dinner and had my favorite food… lasagna and then we had carrot cake.  The food was really good…almost as good as my moms but dont worry mom you still hold the trophy! 😉 hahah after the Matsons, we went over to Bishops house and he made  his special hotdogs so he gave us even more food to eat so we were being a bunch of fatties on monday hahaha.  Robert Newberry came over to Bishops for Family Home Evening so we all had a lesson and then Bishop and Robert played songs on the guitar and sang and oh my goodness it was so good!  Monday was a great day and a really high calorie day 😉 hahah
Tuesday was a crazy day for us.  We went all around the town on our bikes trying to see people.  We went and saw Patty at her place and helped her move some things that she needed moved and shared a little message with her.  After seeing Patty we went and tried to see some other people but nobody seemed to be home on Tuesday.  We tried to find people on the streets but nobody was around because if was a little bit chilly.  We eventually walked our way down to the Matsons and Michael picked us up and took us to the church because we had another lesson with Patty at the church.  Tuesday was a very tiring day but not too many people talked to us or answered their doors.
Wednesday was a great day.  We started by going and seeing Rob and I had the privilege to give him a priesthood blessing because he is still trying to heal from his mugging down in Seattle.  Rob is doing better, he is just trying to get everything back on track since being robbed and mugged and he is overcoming an alchohalism problem.  After Rob, we got a call that we needed to go help a lady named Robin move.  We went over to her house and spent over 4 hours moving her stuff into a moving truck and then placing it all into a storage unit.  Robin and her family are being evicted for a false accuse which was sad because they have no place to go.  Us and the other Elders in the ward did some crazy man beast service and I am so grateful that I could help.  Robin was crying because nobody would help her move…not even her own family because they are all messed up on drugs.  Robin is a sweet lady and I am so happy that I could do something so simple as to move her stuff and take that burden off of her back.  It really hit me and made me feel close to the Savior because the small and simple acts of kindness and service is what Christ would do and we were following in his footsteps!  The day was fun and crazy and I kind of hurt my jacked up back even more but I dont even care because I was able to help Robin!
Thursday was HALLOWEEN!!!  It was a crazy day!!!  We had weekly planning that took up the morning but then Michael picked us up and worked with us.  We went around seeing people but almost all of them had to reschedule to next week which was a bummer but at least they made another appointment.  We did go down and see Barbara again and she is doing pretty good.  We shared a message with her on the importance of the Sabbath Day and church and invited her to go to church on sunday.  After that, we headed up the street to see a referral and on the way, there was a car that ran out of gas that was hanging out of the street and it was just a lady in the car so we quickly pulled over and ran and helped her push the car out of the way.  Although she wasnt interested in learning more about The Gospel, the acts of service and charity is what really does it!  We finally went and saw the referral and got a return appointment which was great… I love when members give us referrals that actually work.. MEMBER WORK!!!!! hahah 🙂  We then went to Ranch Drive In with Michael and got a shake and some fries for a snack and then he took us home.  While we were home, Robin called and needed us to finish helping her out if we could, so we quickly got down to her place and helped move all the last things she had.  Robin gave us a big hug as she was crying and thanked us.  We told her to call us when she found a place and that we would be right over to move it all into her new house! 🙂  When we finished, we went with the other elders to subway for a wonderful subway halloween dinner 😉 and then we went and watched videos at the church since we didnt think that knocking doors and talking to trick or treaters was the best idea.  At the church we watched the few videos which were on some pretty touch subjects.  The videos were on sexual relations, marriage, pornography, emotions,etc. and it is sad to say that those statistics in the video are probably the scariest thing on Halloween because it is sad!
Friday was good day because we had zone meeting.   AT the meeting we talked about charity and humility which was great because that is exactly what I am trying to work on is charity and love for the people.  AFter the meeting we went and visited some people and then tracted.  Tracting was interesting because we talked with some really nice people but also got yelled at and screamed at too hahah someone threatened to “unleash their dog” hahahahah 🙂  It is quite funny how crazy and rude people are!  After tracting we went and visited the Landry family and then went home for dinner! 🙂
Saturday was a lot of fun because Michael came with us again to teach.  We had a lesson with Scott and fortunately he invited us in…. unfortunately, he dropped us and said that he hasnt got an answer for himself so the Book of Mormon must “not” be true… It is sad when we get dropped, but hopefully he will continue to look into it and when the timing is right, he will get that conviction for himself of the truth of the Book of Mormon.  After Scott, we went and visited some potentials but nobody was home so we went to a members house and shared a message with them on member missionary work which was great because they already do so well at trying to have missionary experiences.  After seeing the Gilchrists, we went home and started to go tract when POP! Elder Mitchells spoke on his bike exploded and jacked up his tire so we had to go back home and take the bikes home… we both have bike problems because my breaks dont work…kinda important right? :):)  Brother Weaver picked us up and we went and had a lesson with Bob Mackin (Elaine Mackin’s husband…the lady we baptized).  The lesson went sort of good, but Bob is stuck on creationism because he is a heavy evolutionist and has a hard time picturing God creating everything.  Hopefully this concern will get by him as he reads so we will continue to do our best!! 🙂
Sunday was a ton of fun because it is church day!  Going to church is one of the best things of your week as a missionary.  It of course was fast sunday and I actually went up and bore my testimony.  Many people talked about family so i was prompted to go up and share my testimony on family because I do not know a lot, but one thing I do know is that my testimony is strong and solid on family because family is the most important thing to me!!!  I almost cried but I held it together… SUCCESS!!! hahahhah 🙂  After church we went to the Matsons again for dinner and then after a while Michael took us home and hung out with us for a little bit until he had to go and do something called homework hahah!! 🙂
The week was a ton of fun! 🙂  I really enjoyed seeing all of the service opportunities throughout the week. I love helping others and serving others no matter how hard it is!  May we all look to serve in any way we can.  By the small and simple ways to help others great things will happen!  May you all have a wonderful week!  I will talk to you all next week!  I love you and miss you! Peace out from Bothell! 🙂 XOXO
-Elder Ford
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