Good morning everyone how are you doing today?  How was your past week???  Hopefully it was a good one.  Another week has gone by and it has been quite a week.  It was fun to be in charge but kind of stressful at the same time. 

Tuesday was the crazy day of transfers.  As I mentioned last week I got my new companion, Elder Mitchell.  Elder Mitchell and I taught Patty that night which was fun.  Patty… bless her soul, but she is very needy.  She has her disability so she can not focus for very long.  We taught her with the other Elders which was fun but it was hard to get much done in the lesson.
On Wednesday,  Elder Mitchell and I got a new investigator.  We went out working throughout the day and didnt find a ton of success until later at night we taught a guy named Chris Clayton.  Chris is a young father of 4 and he had us answer some of his questions.  Chris is a christian and is very active in his own church but he was interested in knowing more about the differences in our church and why we believe them.  Chris scheduled a return appointment before we could even ask for one so that is a great sign.  He seemed very sincere and into learning more so that is a very good sign.  The lesson was great and next time hopefully we can get some commitments and have him start to pray about our message.
Thursday was a slow day.  We had weekly planning all morning until about 1pm.  When we finally got done we went out and visited some less active members.  We went and saw Barbara and shared a little message with her.  Thursday was mostly a day that we introduced Elder Mitchell to others and then we had splits with Brother Weaver.  For splits we went with the other Elders to Kinkos and printed out our area maps.  The day was kind of slow but it was still a good one.
Friday was a ton of fun because we saw a lot of families.  We tracted around and didnt find anyone that was interested so we went and saw some recent converts.  We went and saw Mary and Jason and also Elaine.  Everyone is doing good they are just having fun because all of them are starting to get callings in the ward.  Later was the HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! It was so much fun.  There was a ton of food and candy of course.  The trunk or treat really brought back memories of childhood!!!  The party was just great and I was stuffed at the end of the night.
Saturday was busy busy busy.  We started by visiting formers from the area book but not really anyone answered.  We street contacted after that and talked to a lot of people but still not much success came from it.  We then had lunch at a non members house… his name is Big John.  Big John fed us like kings and the dude had college football on because he has a son that plays for UTEP and a son that plays for WSU… Later on, Elder Mitchell and I tracted out a subdivision and met some really nice people.  We actually ran into a family that is not members but their son is a member.  We are going to go back and try to teach them but they have been members of the catholic church for over 30 years.  Saturday was a good day and a fun day.
Sunday was just amazing as usual.  We had PEC, Ward Council, Correlation meetings and then we had church.  Church was really amazing because we had some of my favorite people speak.  The topic was on forgiveness which is always a key thing in life.  It may be hard to forgive but if we do not forgive others, we can not forgive ourselves and God may not forgive us in our own trespasses.  After church, we went to a huge dinner group at a members house and we had a bunch of food along with my favorite… BANANA CREAM PIE!!!! It was amazing!!!!  After dinner, we went and saw a few families and we actually went back to Mary and Jasons house and gave Mary a blessing because she will need open heart surgery.  I annointed her and Brother Weaver gave the blessing and it was like no other blessing I have ever heard before besides Christ.  Brother Weaver was giving the blessing and then he paused in the middle and said, “if you wash your face 3 times, you will be healed and that your surgery operation will go better than planned and the doctors will be surprised with the change.” This was so powerful and the spirit was strong because I got this huge shock of chills in my body.  The day was amazing and this week was super.
Elder Mitchell is a way fun guy to be with.  Hi is a stud and him and I have a lot in common besides the fact that he is like 6’5 250 hahahah but he is way fun to be with.  The work is moving on and I hope that I can find success this next week.  I just want everyone to soften their heart and repent and be baptized so that they can come unto Christ.  All the bad and contention in the world is driving me crazy and I just want to help people change!!! I am doing great here!! I love you all and miss you!!! Have a good week, we will talk next week! bye! 🙂 XOXO
-Elder Ford
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