DSCN0586[1] (2)Hello everyone!! I had a great week here in Bothell and it was really fun.  We had a super busy week and a fun one too.  The missionary life is crazy but it is fun 🙂

Monday was a pretty chill day with P-day and not a ton of things happened except of course shopping and emailing and stuff.  Monday was kind of the bum around day because we didnt do a whole lot for P-day hahah 🙂
Tuesday was crazy busy.  We had a ton of appointments but sadly they mostly all fell through.  We took a priest in our ward, Michael, out with us and that was way fun.  He is really looking forward to his mission so him coming with us really helps him learn and grow quick before he goes on his mission this next summer.  Tuesday night we went and talked with Patty for a bit until we went and participated with the young men and young women for mutual.  They were having treats so of course us missionaries went and had some too!! 🙂
Wednesday was a fun day because I was on exchanges with Elder Brown in Kenmore.  We had a fun time together but we didnt have a ton of success.  Elder Brown and I met with the other elders in the district and we had pictures because of transfers coming up on Tuesday.We had fun together and I love being with Elder Brown!!! 🙂
Thursday was a busy day!!!  We had weekly planning for a couple hours and then we had appointments to go to.  We went and taught Lisa McCoy the importance of prayer because she is having a really hard time with all the death that has happened.  We had other lessons set up but one lady was sick and the other one had to reschedule. Later that night, we went to the Wards house because they had a referral over for dinner and he wanted to learn.  The daughter, Brynn, had a friend over that wanted to learn more so we went over and had dinner and taught the first lesson to him.  His name is DeVante and he is a stud.  He was reading the Book of Mormon and began to cry!!  DeVante is solid and I know he will get baptized but he lives out of our ward so we will have to let another set of missionaries baptize him but I cant wait to see it or hear of it because he really is an awesome guy and the Gospel will really help him in his life.
Friday, was a really good day because we had a special zone conference.  We were visited by General Authority Paul V. Johnson of the seventy.  It is not every day that 2 General Authorities are sitting in a chapel with you!  The meeting was on faith and forgiveness, and member missionary work.  I really enjoyed the meeting because you could really feel the spirit so much!  It is amazing to feel that spirit and be a missionary as they talk about missionary work.  When the meeting was finished, we went out and worked! we taught Elaine’s (The lady we baptized) husband, Bob.  He grew up in Cedar City and know a ton of Mormons and really likes them.  Bob is shaky on organized religion but he showed interest in learning more, and it really helps that Elaine is there to help teach because Elaine just called as A Ward  Missionary in the ward!! 🙂  The lesson was great and I hope that we can see more success soon.  After seeing Bob, we went and taught Barbara, a less active lady, a little bit about reading the scriptures.  The lesson was good but it was way distracting because Brother Weaver came and he brought a pet turtle hahah his name was Bowser 🙂 hahah
Saturday was a fun day again because I was on exchanges with Elder Brooks.  Elder Brooks is pretty much my BFF so it is always a blast to work with him.  We went over and street contacted and walked around the bike trail and it was way fun.  Not very many people were receptive to listening to us but it was still fun to work and be with Elder Brooks.
Sunday was the day!  It was an awesome day because we had church.  Church was a blast!  Our ward is so amazing and it makes church that much better because you always want to be with the ward.  We had a lot of member lessons Sunday night which was way fun because we got to see members and get them excited about missionary work and help them see missionary experiences in their lives.  The weird part of Sunday though, was that we didnt get transfer calls… they were going to be given to us Monday night… this was terrible because we were pulling our hair out already and now it was another 24 hour wait!!!!!
MONDAY!!!!!  Monday was the day that we went around and talked to most of the members just in case one of us was leaving.  We had no idea what would happen so we took pictures and had dinner with members just in case one of us left….. THE NEWS CAME!!!! I AM STAYING IN BOTHELL!!!! bad news….. Elder Holman (referred to as my father on the mission since he trained me) was being transferred and Elder Brown got transferred too!  There is a lot of change here in the mission!
It is now Tuesday and I am here with my new companion, Elder Mitchell.  Elder Mitchell is from Oakley, Utah and is a big 6’5 boy with red hair.  He is a big teddy bear and I love it.  Elder Mitchell is 19 and played a year of football at Snow College.  Today is the first day together and it is sad to see Holman go but it will be fun to serve with Elder Mitchell here in Bothell.
SO… my address is the same! 🙂
1630 228th St. #D 101
Bothell, WA 98021
The work is hastening and it is our job to find the lost sheep.  May the Lord bless us all as we exercise our faith and do our best!  Hope the week is good and I will talk to you all this next monday! 🙂 I miss you and love you!!! XOXO
-Elder Ford
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