Well it has been yet another week 🙂  This week wasn’t as cool and mystical as last week but it was still a really good week.  The sun has been out every day AGAIN this week and it really is starting to freak me out hahah because it is not suppose to be like this.  The winter will hit soon though and it will suck but I am learning to love the sunny days because when the sun is out here… boy is it beautiful and feels really good!

On Monday we had dinner with the Beck family.  The Becks actually have a niece that I went to school with at Desert Hills named Vicki Frame and their nephew Seth Frame played JV on my tennis team so small world again here in Bothell.  The funny part is, Vicki was here staying with them the week before I came to Bothell and she told Elder Holman to look for an Elder Ford that would be serving in Seattle, Washington.  Of course, Vicki left the day I came to the field, and I became companions with Elder Holman and right when we went and sat down and met each other, he realized that I was Elder Ford and we were now companions hahahhahah! The Beck family is awesome and super amazing!
On Tuesday, Elder Holman and I taught Stephanie again.  Stephanie was in a bit of a hurry so we didnt get all the way through The Restoration.  She is beginning to understand and put things together.  Stephanie knows she needs to change for her kid to raise her kid the way she wants her to be raised.  Next, we went on a mini exchange with the other Elders in our area.  I went with Elder Randolph and we went out tracting.  We came across a man named David Heykamp who is going through a difficult time because his wife is dying in the hospital and she is all he has left of family.  Elder Randolph and I introduced prayer and the Plan of Salvation to him and then we got a return appointment so we will see how that turns out.  After seeing David, Elder Randolph and I taught Patty Boyd who is a less active lady that is at church every week hahahah doesn’t make a ton of sense does it?? She has a disability so she questions and doesnt remember a lot so we meet with her every Tuesday night and help her out with all her needs.
On Wednesday, we went and saw Stephanie again and finished our lesson on The Restoration.  I invited Stephanie to be baptized if she came to find out an answer for herself and she accepted to be baptized on November 30 if she receives an answer.  I really hope that Stephanie puts forth the effort in changing and really intends to find out the truth of this Gospel.  After seeing Stephanie, we went and tracted a little bit and found a lady named Nancy.  Nancy told us to come back on Friday and then she would like to learn more about our faith because she knows that we are very family oriented.  After tracting, we went home and Brother Matson came and picked us up to go and do service for Lisa McCoy.  We went over there and put down the first layer of cement stuff on the kitchen floor so that we could go back the next day and tile the kitchen floor.  Brother Matson and Micheal came so the work went pretty fast.  When we were done we were laughing around with Lisa and her friend Chris.  They are both really funny and super fun to be around.  We then went and grabbed some food at The Matsons house and then they took us home.
On Thursday, we weekly planned for the next week.  When we got done, we went out walking around the park and met a few people.  We met a boy named Stevan that took a Book of Mormon and said he would look into it and wanted us to call him next week.  We also ran into a family that was from Salt Lake City and knew a lot about the church.  They weren’t too interested since they knew a lot, but he said he had friends that were interested in learning more so he took our number and said he would call and tell us when more people were interested.  Then, Brother Matson and Micheal picked us up again and we went back and tiled the floor at Lisa McCoy’s house.  Lisa wasn’t home so Chris went over and stayed there so that we could get in the house.  Brother Matson did most of the alligning and tiling so Micheal and I were joking around having fun talking with Chris.  When we finished, we went back to the Matson’s for dinner again and then we had cherry and butterscotch pie and they were AMAZING!!! 
Friday was a great day and the devastating day!  In the morning we had zone meeting which was really good.  President Choi came and he taught us about faith.  My favorite quotes were… “Up is up and down is up!”  also…. “Having faith is fun!” The meeting was really good because President Choi shared some really cool stories about faith and miracles.  After our meeting, we took Micheal out with us and we went and saw Nancy.  Nancy was busy and went to the store but we talked with her friend Bill.  Bill has been looking for something to make him happy and has looked into churches.  He was in the military and saw horrid things.  He shared a story that really brought the spirit.  Bill was in tears and I know he felt the Spirit.  We are going back to teach Nancy and have Bill come over and learn as well.  Next, we went and tracted a bit and didnt really find anyone and around 7:30 was when we got THE phone call.  Devastation hit!  Lisa called us… She went over to Chris’s house and she found him dead in his place.  Chris had 3 blood clots that caused a heart attack.  It is so unreal how you can be laughing having a good time 24 hours prior and now he is just gone!  I was so sad and kind of angry.  I had no reason to be angry but when stuff like that happens you just seem to ask why.  Christ was such a good guy.  He had a tiny bit of a disability but not much really happened.  We were laughing and talking about the Seahawks and Broncos and then the next day he was dead!  This was the wrong way to end a good day 😦
On Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Brooks.  We had a fun time together talking and working.  Elder Brooks and I are like the same person so it is so fun to be together.  We didn’t get much all day.  Saturday seemed to be the day that nobody wanted to be nice, happy, or home hahh!  We did go down to Bishop Jones’s Subway and got free Subway so that was nice. 🙂  The day wasn’t so successful but maybe we planted some seeds! 🙂
Sunday was a good day!  Church was really good as usual!  I really love the ward here!  I hope that I get to stay here in this ward for more time because I love it here.  Elder Holman gave a talk in Relief Society and it was really good.  He talked about the Priesthood and how women (his mom) helped him prepare to receive it.  It was marvelous! 🙂 haha  After church, we had dinner with the Williams family.  We had an amazing roast and mashed potato dinner and for dessert we had ice cream on brownies with raspberry sauce and raspberries…. HEAVENLY!!!! 🙂  We then went to 3 different families and got referrals from them.  We are following the counsel of President Choi and setting up action with the members to try and find people through members and not tracting (as guided in General Conference)!
This week was really good.  It was fun and it was sad too with Chris passing away.  Transfers is next tuesday (October 22) SO I will not be online monday, but I will be online on Tuesday!  HOWEVER… this means I have the possibility of being transferred so don’t send any letters or packages or anything that will be here AFTER Tuesday because if I leave then I WILL NOT get the letter. FYI!  Either make sure the letter will be here before Tuesday the 22nd or wait till Tuesday when I can tell you if I stay or go.  If I stay I will have the same address if I leave, I will give you the new address Tuesday!  So just wait to send anything until I tell you next Tuesday unless you already sent it hahahhh 🙂 Sound good?? Okay cool!! 🙂 I miss you all and love you! Have a good one! XOXO
-Elder Ford
P.S HOW BOUT THEM UTES!!! I heard they beat Stanford and that is so sick!!! Go Baby Go!!! 🙂
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