How is it going everyone??  Another week has gone by here in Bothell!  I cant decide if it has gone by fast or slow.  When you think about it, it seems that almost 3 months has been fast, but when you think about 2 years you think that it has gone by super slow… I just dont know hahah!!  This week has been really interesting and really rough!  I started my week off with a letter from my amazing sister Alexa!! 🙂  She really keeps me going and helps me out especially as I have been struggling out here.  I miss her so much and am blessed to have her in my life.  

Tuesday was interesting because Elder Holman got sick.  We kind of chilled around for awhile until he felt good enough to go out and work.  We went and taught our investigator Lisa McCoy.  Lisa is the sweetest lady ever and I could really feel the Spirit meeting with her.  She accepted a soft baptism invite but hasnt committed to an actual date yet.  Lisa had many questions but the only thing she said that she needs is to know and then she will be baptized.  Lisa closed with a prayer and it was amazing.  Her friend came over and helped us because her best friends are members of the Church.  When Lisa prayed,  the Spirit touched us all and Lisa and her friend were balling.  Lisa definitely was touched by the Spirit and I hope she really can open her eyes and heart and know of the truth of this Gospel! 🙂
Wednesday we had district meeting.  We learned more about how we can be better missionaries and focus on our purpose and inviting people to repent and be baptized.  The meeting was good and it was fun to just be surrounded by such good friends.  After our meeting we went walked down to Subway and ate lunch with Elder Brooks and Elder Randolph.  Subway was amazing and there was music playing hahahh soooo we did get a little bit of what I call tender mercy 😉 hahha!  After our lunch, Elder Holman went back to the apartment and stayed there all day.  I read the Book of Mormon all day until it was time to go to bed…  The people out here are rude and it is a struggle.  It seems that my testimony at times is tested and gets shaken.  I know that that is Satan tearing me down, and this week he seems to be winning.  I keep trying to feel the Spirit and such but I seem to get nowhere at the moment so it has been rough.  I keep trying to read to gain my full testimony and conviction so that I can help others but I guess that is not going to come instantly and when I want it because it is in Gods timing when I receive it and receive revelation 🙂
On Thursday we had a funeral to attend in our ward.  A lady in our boundaries passed on but wasnt a member of the church.  The lady’s son was a member and a Bishop in a different area, but the service was done at our church.  The family has been part of the Bothell area for well over 40 years so they knew a ton of people.  The chapel was full if not more full than it would be for church every sunday.  There were a ton of people that came and celebrated the life of Jan Eden.  It was a sad instance but a wonderful service and gathering.  After the funeral, we had dinner with the family and then went with Brother Weaver and taught a potential.  We met with Victor, who is Erica’s husband.  Erica was not home so we talked with him.  He is a super nice guy that had many questions but he seems to not be too interested in trying to change his life now that his is this far into it.  He told us we could stop by and say hi and maybe teach his wife if she was interested in it!! 🙂  The lesson was pretty good and it was cool to just sit with a nice guy.
Friday was quite the interesting day!  Elder Hunt and I decided to go to the church and talk because we both have been struggling out here.  We talked for about 2 hours and tried to comfort each other and motivate each other.  Elder Hunt and I came here together and were together in the MTC in the same room and district so we have grown real close to each other.  We had some good time together to talk… We then exchanged back to our companions and went and worked.  Elder Holman and I went and tracted into Karl.  Karl is a junior in high school and is more science based in life.  He said if he prayed and found out this was true, he would be baptized on October 27… WE PUT HIM ON DATE THE FIRST TIME WE MET HIM ON HIS DOOR STEP!!!!  That stuff was crazy and amazing.  I hope he truly means it, but it was really cool to see that happen all at once!!  After meeting Karl, we went and had a lesson with Brady and his wife.  They are more bible based and have a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon but they said they would give it a shot and read it to find out if it is more of the word of God!!  Brady then took us up to the church because my back bike tire popped while going down the massive hill to his house!! (Thankfully it didnt burst and make me crash hahaha).  Brother Weaver picked us up at the church and we went and met with Elaine.  Elaine is so amazing!! We taught her more about the temple and about missionary work.  Now that she is baptized she is trying to work on her husband and get him interested!! 🙂 Friday was a good day!!!
Saturday was when the pouring started!! Winter came!!!  I was on exchanges with Elder Whipple (Phoenix, Arizona) and he is the district leader.  Not much happened on Saturday because this was the major day that I was down in the dumps.  Im not sure how I got so miserable and so confused and just struggled so bad after a good day on friday, but it happened.  Elder Hunt was having a really hard time too and so we switched for the day.  Elder Hunt and I went to his apartment and watched Faith movies and read the scriptures all day while Elder Whipple and Elder Klauck went out and worked.  The day was a tough day and a struggle!! It was really cool to be with Elder Hunt and get to talk more with him and I think it was a much needed day.  At the end of the day, Elder Hunt and I received blessings!  We have been having a rough time and a blessing was something we both strongly needed!  Im grateful for Elder Harding to give me mine and Elder Holman giving one to Elder Hunt.  The blessings were amazing and I just hope that my faith will grow and I will be able to come out of this struggle period!!!
Sunday was a good day!!! We started the day by going to choir practice which was fun except I had never ever heard the song we sang before… it was tough ahha.  We then went to the White’s house and helped her finish her quilt she was making while she repaired and sewed up some of our clothes that had ripped or needed some repairs.  Elder Brooks and I went with the son Colin in his 1969 BMW to drop off his sister at a young womens meeting and on the way home his car broke down right next to the coffee shop.  We got out out and Colin was fixing his car while us two Elders are standing at the Coffee shop… hahahhah 🙂  The exhaust pipe fell off and was dragging in the road and it was sketchy!! 🙂  The trip to take his sister to the meeting turned into about an hour trip because of the car hahah and it was just down the street.  This was super great!! Fortunately, we did make it to church on time.   Church was just great as usual.  The surprising part though, was that President and Sister Choi popped up and came to our ward.  Everyone was so happy and excited because he is our mission president, but he is in the quorum of the seventy too.  🙂  This was surprising because we had no idea that he was coming to our ward!! 🙂  After church we went to dinner group at a members house.  Dinner group is where about 10 families cook food and bring it to one house and anyone in the ward is invited.  It was amazing because of course it was fast sunday for us so the food tasted extra amazing!! 🙂  Dinner group is a great way to get stuffed and a great way to bond with your ward family!  After dinner, Elder Holman and I went to Preach My Gospel study with the youth of the ward.  This meeting is always way fun because it is with the youth and you get to help them but also get to know them even better which is fun because I consider myself still a youth hahah! 🙂  Lastly, we went to a baptism.  Robert is a man that was a member all his life but messed up and was removed from the church.  Robert was no longer a member and wasnt for 6 years until last night!  Robert was baptized and confirmed a member once again.  Robert is such a great guy and it is amazing to see how finally being allowed back has changed him already.  Robert is so loving and so humble.  He was baptized by Bishop Jones and confirmed by President Fox.  Elder Holman and I were the only other ones there because that is all he wanted there.  Although the 4 of us, it was so cool and a special baptism to be a part of.  I am so grateful I was able to stand in that circle during the confirmation and exercise my priesthood authority.  That was the best way to finish my week.
The week was a struggle and it still is but I am trying my best to overcome it!  I know that I will be blessed for my sacrifices no matter how hard they are.  They are so tough, but will eventually be worth it.  I cant comprehend all that I have in store but I just need to have faith and trust in God.  May we all be better people and trust in God no matter how hard times get.  Know who is in charge and that all will be okay! 🙂  I miss you all so much and love you!! 🙂 I will talk to you next week same time, same place! 🙂 I love you! XOXO Have a great week!
-Elder Ford
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