That has to be the first thing I write because I am so so so happy!!!  It was a bummer to not be able to watch the game but you better believe that I was making calls to members in my ward that are…. fans of another team hahahh 🙂 Just another year in a row to win and now we have a few years before we play so I wont miss another one!  Nicole, Sam, Mom, Alexa…. good job!! 🙂 Dad, T, Sam Tenney, sucks to suck hahah I am just joking with you!! 🙂 Im sure there was some excuse again this year but whatever 🙂 LOL Im sorry its just funny I dont mean to be rude.  Havent quite gotten rid of my competitiveness of my teams!! 🙂 Oops! 😉
Anyways, this week has been a good one.  It was pretty busy and kind of a slow week for some reason.  On Monday after our P-Day we went to our stake presidents house for dinner where our mission president and his wife joined as well.  It was so good and just a great time to be with our whole zone together with our mission president and stake president for dinner.  The relationships on the mission are like no other relationships back home.  I also found out that my Broncos are doing really well and havent lost yet.  I wish I could be watching but finding out the results is good enough 🙂 haha
Tuesday…….. well it was not the best day.  I woke up feeling like a train hit me! I was sick!  We got up and studied but I went to the couch and fell asleep for over 3 hours.  I felt terrible!!!!  I woke up around dinner time and after dinner I decided that I would go out and work for a little bit even though I didnt feel good.  In our benefit, we were led to tract a street and we met an inactive member that we had no idea about.  We talked with them and maybe something we shared will spark something for them to want to come back to church.  We also went and talked with their neighbor and actually she took a Book of Mormon and wanted us to go back!! 🙂  The sacrifice is tough even when you feel super bad but there is always a reason that you are put in an area and it is your job to find out why you were led there!! 🙂
Wednesday was a tough day for us.  Everybody we planned to meet with had to change the appointment or cancel it.  Everybody we talked to would bash with us or just be straight up rude.  We were biking down the road and we got flipped off and people scream at us and say we are going to hell and praise satan and crap like that.  The times that people shake me up like that are the days that are really hard for me because I take everything person and it just makes you feel like crap.  People are so rude.  The day was hard and rough until we met with a member, Brother Carlile.  He is the patriarch and he has such an amazing spirit.  When we went and talked with him we could feel ourselves gain our charity back 🙂 After that, we started having good conversations with people we met and saw.  We then went and saw a less active family that is trying to come back to church.  They are the Madrigals.  They are so awesome and the sweetest family ever.  It is a young dad and mom that have a little son who is the toughest little kid I know hahah 🙂  We had a lesson with them and all went well.  It was a good way to end a bad day!
Thursday was a sad day!! 😦  The new investigators that we found through doing service for (Marcy, John, and Gay) dropped us!  They told us that they didnt want to learn and get into another religion even though she didnt have a religion that she believed.  She didnt read any of the Book of Mormon because she didnt want to learn.  I think that she was too scared to find out it was true!!!  It was really sad and it sucks when people that have potential drop you.  Hopefully down the road when they move to Arizona or Utah, like they plan, they will open up to the truth!  We also were dropped by 2 other investigators.  It was like a dagger stabbing day!! Every miracle we had found just backfired at us and it sucked.  Although everyone kept dropping us, we did find a lady named Carol.  She took a Book of Mormon and was looking for a church.  She was way sweet and is going to check out church.  Thursday started terrible but by the night we had great conversations and met really nice people.
On Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Randolph.  Elder Randolph came to my area and we had a great time.  Although we did get called “A-Holes” and told to “get a life”…. we had a ton of fun together!! 🙂  Elder Randolph is from Spanish Fork, Utah so not too far from my home!!  Elder Randolph and I talked with a ton of people and had great conversations with them.  We actually got a new investigator that was a former back in 2010.  Her name is Lisa McCoy.  Lisa use to meet with missionaries in 2010 but never did anything with it.  Now her fiance passed away due to overdose of meth and heroin and she feels like she needs us 🙂  It really is a bitter sweet way to meet with her but I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will help her and bless her through these tough times.  I had a great time with Elder Randolph.  We were busy but had a lot of fun!!!
Saturday was a cool day.  Elder Holman and I had a lesson with Scott.  Scott is a very devoted Christian but is open to listening to us.  He has read some of the Book of Mormon and is interested some what.  He had a lot of questions but we were able to answer them and we had the most amazing member come and help us out!!!  The lesson was awesome.  I invited him to be baptized and he said if he were to get an answer of the truth of the Book of Mormon then he would.  I really hope he gets an answer because then that would be so awesome to put him on date!!  Later on, we went and met with Elaine!!! Elder Holman and I went and taught her about the temple and family history work since that is her next step….. funny thing is, she had read about temples and family history the day before in  the gospel principals book… Must have been inspiration!! 🙂  Elaine is so amazing.  She has changed so much and you can see the joy she has in her life.  Im pretty convinced that she is a better member than I am and knows more than me hahah 🙂  It was so awesome to meet with her.  After, we went home and that is when I started calling and texting members about the game hahah!!!! I was very happy and went to bed with a smile on my face!! 🙂
Sunday was great as usual!  I love my ward here so I just love going to church!  Of course it isnt as amazing as my ward back home but it is a decently close second!  Since church is at 1, we went to The Landrys for dinner right after and we had amazing home made chicken noodle soup.  The Landry Family is amazing!!!!  We shared a message and had a really good talk with them and the spirit was so strong! I love times like that!!  After dinner, Elder Holman and I went and tracted and had a really good time except he almost got into a fight!!!  This guy answered the door and immediately told us to get off his property.  Elder Holman and I started leaving but Elder Holman was asking to leave a blessing with him and the dude started throwing F-Bombs and so Elder Holman started to get a little smart saying “sir now we are on the sidewalk and not your property!” The guy didnt like that and just about came down and fought Elder Holman… me on the other hand, I just needed popcorn to go with this fantastic show hahahh!! 🙂  We then crossed the street and met these people that were on a walk and while we chatted, the same mean guy opened up his window and yelled “dont do it, it’s a scam!”  It was really funny and people are just crazy!!  We had great conversations other than that guy and a lady getting mad for knocking on her door at 7:50 since it was getting dark. Haha people are just super mean sometimes. 
Well that pretty much wraps up my week hahah! 🙂  I got some amazing letters in the mail from both of my sisters, Sage and friends, Aunt Ann Marie, and from The Hillmans in my old home ward!!!  It was amazing to get letters.  I just love hearing about home and how people are and having that communication on paper!! 🙂  It was a good one and a crazy one.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will talk to you next week! I miss you and love you!! 🙂 XOXO
-Elder Ford
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