How is it going everyone?  It has been another week here in Bothell and it was a pretty good week.  It is sad to say that one of the Elders in my zone that lived down the street from us went home to have surgery.  We were playing basketball and he dove for the ball and jacked up his knee!!!  Elder Westenskow is such a stud because he didnt want to go but he was forced to leave for surgery because they cant do it here on the mission.  That shows how loyal and sincere he is in this mission work and I can only hope to gain that as much as he has!!

The week started Monday with the crazy day of fixing the car and then on Tuesday with transfers like I mentioned last week and that was a good day.  However, we got our car taken away and we found out that we now are not getting that back 😦  We have been biking around our whole area and boy that is not fun at all.  It hurts my legs but it doesnt help with my knee and back problems I already have!!  The bike is a killer but probably good so that I dont get super fat here LOL!!! 🙂 
Wednesday… was a good day.  Elder Holman and I were biking up a street and we saw a lady moving rock and landscaping her front yard.  We got off of our bikes and went and asked if we could help her out.  At first she was hesitant but let us help her move the rocks.  We didnt mention anything about our religion because we didnt want to come off threatening but then out of the blue she started asking us questions about what we do and what we believe in!  When we were done, she invited us into her house to have dinner because her and her husband ordered pizza for us.  When we went inside, Marcy, the wife, started asking me questions while John, the husband, started talking with Elder Holman.  It was funny because we had 2 different conversations going on but we were both answering questions and talking about The Gospel.  While I was talking with Marcy, she said, “I could see ourselves as a Mormon!”  When she said this Elder Holman looked at me and started pushing more on the husband.. hahahha it was way funny but way awesome.  We gave them A Book Of Mormon and they had us go back the very next day to talk with them. The next day (Thursday) we went back and Marcy was there but John was at work.  We decided to mow her lawn for her and also her neighbors lawn.  When we were finished the neighbor stomped across the street to us and showed her gratitude and thanks for what we did.  Strangely, the neighbors name is Gay… it is different but I dont have any problem with it.  Gay and Marcy came by us and started asking more and more questions so we started teaching them 🙂  Gay took a Book Of Mormon and started reading it too.  It is amazing that just by doing service, we still were able to teach but that was by the Spirit leading us to them and the Spirit touching them to ask us the questions.  You never know what a little bit of service will do so people.. GO OUT AND SERVE!  3 investigators just like that!! Heck ya!! 🙂
On Friday, we were biking up a road and saw a guy in the parking lot with the car hood up.  We pulled off our bikes and went and talked with him.  His car had died while driving because it started overheating and started freaking out.  The guy didnt know what to do because he lives 25 minutes from where he was.  Luckily, we talked to him.  The man wasnt interested in The Gospel but we called a guy in our ward that is a mechanic.  Brother Madrigal came and helped the guy out so that he could at least make it home.  Although the man wasnt interested, you never know what kind of seed we planted just by helping him out and serving him.. so once again… DO SERVICE!! 🙂
On Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Barney from Eagle Mountain, Utah.  Elder Barney was in my district at the MTC and in my room so it was way fun.  We already knew each other pretty well so it was way fun to work together in my area.  The beginning of the day we went to a funeral for a lady in our ward that passed away.  She was a deaf lady but was the happiest and kindest lady ever.  She always made me think of my sister because the youth would sign for her and Alexa was into sign language and signing for people so that really hit home to me.  The funeral service was a good one but sad as usual.  After the funeral we went home for lunch and of course…. my back bike tire got a hole in it so when I went to get on it after lunch, it was completely FLAT!!!!   So… we had to walk the rest of the day which sucked hahahha!!! 
SUNDAY!!! I loved Sunday.  Church is just amazing as usual.  I dont know what it is… must be the Spirit 🙂 but I just love going to church 🙂  Elder Holman had a spiritual impression to go and visit a lady named Lisa McCoy who is a former investigator that would never talk to him in the past.  We went over there and found out that her fiance had passed away but she said that she wanted to meet with us!! I dont know what happened but she is ready to meet now and we are going back on Wedensday!! Another investigator on the list now!! YES!!!!!
We also went back to see Hector and Stephanie who were formers last night and they told us they wanted to give it another shot so we could have 2 more investigators to add on top of the others hahah.  While we met last night they were watching the Seahawks vs 49ers game so we caught a little bit of the game.  Everyone here watches the Seahawks and it kills me… We are cruising down every street and you can hear every house you go by screaming and you can tell they are watching the game haha it is quite funny!! 🙂
The week was just a great one and guess what everyone…. THE RAIN IS HITTING HOME!!!  It poured yesterday and we were biking in it!! I loved getting wet!!! 🙂  From what I am hearing, the winter is starting here so the rain must be coming.  It gets dark here by around 4 or 5pm in the winter so it should be quite interesting!!!  Well everyone I love you all and miss you and hope to hear from you!! 🙂 XOXOXO
– Elder Ford
1630 228th St. # D 101
Bothell, WA 98021
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