Hello everyone!!!  How are you doing??  I hope all of you are just doing great!! 🙂

This week was a crazy crazy week!!!!!! I went on 3 exchanges this week with Elders in my district.  The first one I went on was with Elder Nicoll.  Elder Nicoll got hurt and was on crutches so we sat around most of the day because he was on bed rest until his knee healed.  That day went by pretty slow but oh well it was fun.  The next one I did was with Elder Brooks!! Elder Brooks is so great.  I love being with him cuz him and I are so much a like.  It was so fun to work with him and talk more about our life and all that fun stuff.  The last one I did, was with the Zone Leaders.  I was with Elder Harding and Elder Klauck.  They taught me a lot of things and made it a fun experience.  I learned new approaches and how to just relax and talk with people.  The week was crazy and busy but it was fun!!!
First of all I want to talk about the crazy awesome story that happened while on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  We got a call saying that one of the Elders had bed bugs in their apartment.  We of course laughed and stuff but we ended up buying one of those dry can bomb sprays that shoots stuff everywhere to kill the bugs.  We lit it off  for them and had to leave the place for over 2 hours which was just hilarious. They were mad and upset that they had to wait but in the end they did get rid of their bed bugs hahah.
Next, our car died!!!!  We had no idea why the heck it wouldnt work but we had to get it jump started 3 times!!! We got it started for the rest of the day but the next few days it struggled to start.  We ran around yesterday (Monday) to see how much batteries were because we found out that our battery was dead!!  We went to 4 places but the cheapest place was the 1st place we stopped at so we went back.  WE WAITED OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF for a battery change!!!!  FORTUNATELY, the Redskins vs Eagles game was on so I watched it hahahah 🙂 And during the highlights before I saw that Denver won. (Also Dallas won… How bout dem Cowboys Miles!!! Goodjob on beating them G men!!! 🙂 hahha )  The day was so crazy that we pretty much didnt work cuz we were fixing our car hahhahah oops. 🙂
THE BEST PART NOW!!!!!!!!  We had stake conference on Sunday.  The conference was a broadcast from Salt Lake where we heard from Elder Nash, Sister McConkie, Elder Hales, and Elder Perry.  The messages were so great that you could feel the spirit so strongly.  Right after the broadcast our investigator, Elaine Mackin, came up to Elder Holman and me and said, “How long do I have to wait to get baptized?”  We looked at each other and asked kind of what she meant.  She told us she didnt want to wait until September 21st because she wanted to get baptized.  We told her we would find out the soonest that she could be baptized because normally you have to be clean of everything for 3 weeks and it was almost 1 week for her.  We called our mission president and he approved an interview with her because he had to do that because of personal reasons… abortion… 😦 Elaine was interviewed only about 1 hour after we called and asked and guess what……??? She passed!!!!  Elaine was able to get baptized when she was ready!!!  We called Elaine and asked when she wanted to be baptized and this pause came and she said she had cold feet……….. the paused stopped and we got an answer….. TONIGHT!!!!!!!!  Elaine wanted to be baptized SUNDAY NIGHT…. the same night!!!!!!!!  Elder Holman and I smiled and said that we would make calls and see if this was possible.  We made calls around and because the Lord works so well, we got it all approved.  Brother Weaver and Bishop helped us out and we began to fill the font and got everything ready……. ELAINE WAS GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT!!!!!!!  The time came and it was 8 pm Sunday night and Elder Holman dunked Elaine hahahh she was baptized!!!! It was amazing to see how happy she was and I will never forget that big smile she had on her face…. but as you know, it is nothing without the other half…. the Holy Ghost (confirmation)… I had the privilege of confirming Elaine right after she was baptized.  I have no idea what I said because it didnt come from me, it came from the Spirit of God.  It was amazing to see this miracle happen.  This is one of those stories you hear about or read in the ensign but OMG this happened to us!! 🙂  I am so grateful to hold the priesthood and be able to use it to help others.  This experience was amazing and I will never forget it!! 🙂  Elaine will do so much work in the Gospel and it is just amazing to see how the Spirit works with people!! 🙂
Now, after the baptism was the intense part because it was transfer call night!!!  We were finding out what would happen throughout our area.  Who would be transferred, who was staying, who got called as a leader and everything.  We waited and finally received our call……AND………. Elder Holman and I are staying together in the Bothell area!! Which means I am not moving.  I will still have the same area and the same address so nothing new for me so write me hahahahha :):)
The week has been pretty crazy and amazing and just everything!! I received letters from both of my sisters, a letter from my friend sam’s mom, and i hear that I should be getting more from Sage and others hahaha 🙂 Cant wait to get them!!!  I love getting letters and stuff and keeping in touch with my homies hahahha and family!! 🙂  
I got a scare when I read about my mom and being in the ER and stuff!!!  Im still not sure exactly what is going on but please keep her in your prayers and I definitely will!! Nothing can happen to my mom!!! I love her too much 🙂 
I miss you all and love you so much!!! 🙂  Hope to hear from you all!! XOXOXO
-Elder Ford


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