Howdy again from there green land of the Seattle, Washington Mission!!!  Things are going better this week.  I have had a fun time but obviously it is hard work.  The library was shut yesterday because of the holiday and so once again we are writing home on a Tuesday haha 🙂  Some amazing things this week is that my mommy sent me a package!!!! 🙂 It was amazing! CLothes, ties, music, watches, and FOOD!!! She really knows me way too well hahah!!  I also received some amazing emails from family and some dance videos at the vault from friends hahah they were awesome!!  I also got a letter from my sister Alexa!! It was great to get a letter from her and hear how she is doing!! 

This week was kind of a slow with lessons.  We taught Elaine 2 lessons and she is moved back on date for September 21 and SHE WILL BE READY!!!  She is so solid and has been to church every week!  She knows it is true and is just waiting for her day. It is so awesome.  
We had district meeting again and learned about The Book of Mormon and the importance of it in teaching.  I learned a lot and had a great time with it. We finally had 1 more day of rain but then it turned back into solid hot dry days hahah.  I am not sure how this good weather is happening but it is 🙂  Elder Holman and I went to Qudoba again and mom guess what…. we were taken out to Red Robin!! 🙂 Reminded me of you!! 🙂 haha
Next, we had a baptism for the Inglemoor ward.  Jessica was one of their long time investigators and she was finally baptized this last saturday which was amazing.  It was awesome to see how happy she was and to see her follow Jesus Christ. 🙂
Like I said, this week was pretty slow and not a ton of lessons came out but we handed out over 10 copies of The Book Of Mormon so we hopefully have a good set of potentials to visit and hopefully teach.
FYI!! Transfers are this Tuesday so P-Day will be Tuesday so I will email once again on this next Tuesday and then after that I will be back to regular Monday schedule hahh things are crazy with all the missionaries and with the 30+ more coming!!!!  If I get transferred i will let you know cuz then I will have a new address and place but for now everything is normal.  I will let you know Tuesday!
Sorry for the brief and short letter but this week was kind of all rushed and crazy but slow in the area.  Hopefully everything picks up and miracles happen!!! 🙂 I love you all and miss you so much!!  As hard as this is and at times I wish I was home, I know that this is where I am needed and this is where I will be!! 🙂 I love ya and hope your week goes great!! XOXOXOXOXOXO
Elder Ford
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