Hey everyone!! 🙂 First of all I want to say that I am so sorry to freak you all out.  I know my mom was worried when she didnt get an email… This week was our Temple Day which was today and any day you have Temple Day that is your P-Day! So today is my P-Day so dont worry mom I did not get hurt or shot or anything :):)

This week was a good week but also one of my hardest weeks since I have been on a mission.  A lot of things happened that were awesome and some that were just kinda sad too.
To start, Elder Holman and I found a girl named Tara.  Tara is a 34 year old lady who grew up Mormon but had her records removed.  She is going through a divorce just barely and was crying when she answered the door.  She told us that any normal time she would just tell us to leave but every time she has been going through a hard time, Elders showed up to her door.  She asked if we could talk and so we did.  We taught her a lesson and it was really really spiritual and amazing.  She said that her and her friends had prayed that she would find help and that was when we knocked on her door.  It was amazing because everything fell into place like a miracle.  We set up another lesson for the very next day which made us so excited!!!!  The next day came around and we showed up…… she answered and said well I dont think this is true and its just not for me anymore and I dont want this….. WHAT?? I am not sure how this huge could change so fast but it did 😦  She dropped us and doesnt want to talk.  That was a bummer and super sad because we could see how the spirit touched her but then she just rejected it.. I hope she turns around and wants more soon 🙂
Next, was one of the greatest things ever… we ran into some Jahova Witnesses and they gave me a teaching book about their Bible.. This is just another book to the collection of other religions hahah now i have a jahova book with the holy quran. Now i just want an actual Jahova Witness Bible!!! :):)
A funny story tho, and my mom might want to not read this part… Elder Holman and I cam across a man that was outside who grew up Mormon.  We expected to have a somewhat good conversation but all the dude could say was that we are a changing church and all we are are racists beings, judgemental beings, and we dont accept gays so we are sexist.  All the man could do was tell us facts that had nothing to do about Mormons  hahahhah this was funny to us!! So we told the guy.. listen man it was Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve.  The guy didnt take that very well so he started getting mad and told us we were so judgmental and bias and that we were racist when in reality that was fact since he was a man of facts.  This made us laugh and I made a funny squeele and when that happened the guy told us (pointing at me) that I was gonna get myself punched one day for my smiling and laughing! HAHAHHAA :):):)  It was so funny and boy will I always remember that because it was sure interesting.
Another funny thing is that you really dont know what other people learn about Mormons because I hear crazy things about us all the time.  A few examples I heard that people think we do is:
-Joseph Smith is going to allow us in or out of heaven
-We fight evil spirits in church and at the temple
-We apparently also have over 3 spouses secretly in the temple
hahahhahahaha people are crazy!!!!!
GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!  Transfers are already in 2 weeks and 32 more missionaries are coming to my mission.  I might have already said that in the last letter but it is still mind blowing to me!!! My ward will have 2 sets of missionaries in it so the area is going to be cut from a small town down to half!! It will be a small area hah!
Something interesting is that Bothell pretty much is the place to be for garage Sales.  There are about 20 garage sales every weekend which is just crazy!! We like to spend our money there and also go thrift shopping.  I bough over 10 ties this week but it only cost me like $20 🙂
Now to the good stuff! Missionary work!  Elaine is doing awesome.  She is still on date for September 7th.  She still struggles with the electric cigarettes so the date could be pushed back a week but who knows we just pray that she can rely on the Lord and stop the smoking.  We came across 2 new investigators so the week has treated us pretty well.  We have tracted a lot and met many interesting people and gotten screamed at a lot too but I have learned to laugh at those people.
  There still hasnt been much rain or anything haha still in the 80s which is mindblowing for everyone here!  I love it here but of course miss all my friends and family at home! 🙂  Which leads into why my week has been rough.  Believe it or not, I have had the same dream the past 3 nights and it has been of me getting off the plane and seeing all of my family.  When I wake up each time it just kills me to find myself alone with another dude on the other bed across the room.  I have had a rough time with home sickness this week which sounds dumb but it is hard.  I havent ever been away from home and at 18 it still is hard for me to be away.  All i can do is trust in God and I know I will be comforted.  It is not easy but I know we all will be blessed and others will be too!! Wish me luck!! 🙂 I love you all and miss you!! Keep the emails and letters coming too! XOXOXOX 🙂 Best wishes to you!
-Elder Ford


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