Hey everyone! 🙂 How are you doing? Another week down here in Bothell!! I am starting to get use to the missionary lifestyle.  I do miss home a ton of course but it is slowly getting easier.  This week was a tough week actually but also a really cool and fun one.  We played basketball with the ward which of course was a ton of fun!! 🙂  We also went and had to get the oil in our car changed and while waiting I did catch and snag the top 10 plays of the NFL preseason…. THAT MADE ME SAD!!! I am missing the NFL season!!! People here are crazy for their Seattle Seahawks so I still ask around and get my updates and information but it still isnt the same as watching it with my boys Carson and Miles!!! 🙂 

Funny story, hahha Elder Holman and I were out tracting and said hi to a girl probably around her late 20s and the second she turned she turned back around and took of sprinting away from us :):) I couldn’t have got a better laugh from that.  I guess we are just scary missionaries… LOL everyone is hilarious about Mormons.
I went on 2 exchanges this week and it was so much fun.  The first one was with Elder Brooks from Las Vegas, Nevada.  Elder Brooks is a stud.  Him and I are actually really much alike and love to do the same things.  I enjoyed going with him to his area and seeing his area and people he works with.  We taught one of his investigators that is being baptized in a few weeks which was a cool experience for me and learning experience since I had an investigator on date too.  Elder Brooks also taught me part of the rubix cube hahahha I can do some of it which is crazy.. total missionary fun right there 🙂  The second exchange was with Elder Nicoll from Snowflake, Arizona.  Elder Nicoll is a funny little social guy.  He loves to talk and have fun but also work hard.  Elder Nicoll came to my area so we hunted down my area and actually came across a new potential named Juan.  Being with Elder Nicoll helped me because he has been out about a year so anyone helps me since I am still a greenie!  While Elder Nicoll and I worked, we went and saw our investigator Bettina.  Bettina was actually sobbing and looked terrible.  Apparently she was taken to jail for mistaken identity and was also robbed and assulted.  Bettina gets herself into a lot of strange things and is very needy but it was something that I just didnt know how to handle, so I did what I knew… I relied on the Lord and gave her a blessing.  I dont know what I said or how I did it, but after, she told me she felt comforted and felt better.  I actually saw her the other day and she said everything is working out and she is doing good and the blessing was something she really needed.  I am grateful that I could exercise my priesthood ability and help her out. The work of the Lord is truly remarkable!
This week we also had zone conference and can I say that it was so amazing.  President and Sister Choi have such a remarkable spirit.  I can totally see and understand how President Choi is in the Quorum of the seventy.  The spirit in the room was so strong that I didnt want to leave.  We have changed and stressed a main focus in missionary work.  We are trying to do almost everything with the help of members and working through members of the ward.  Tracting is good but isnt very successful.  The way to work is through members and friends inviting their friends and people and create a relationship in a non threatening way.  The mission here in Bothell is actually significantly the lowest and least successful mission in Seattle.  Bothell is wealthy and has many retired people so it is hard to do anything.  We are the very bottom mission in Seattle by a lot.  I dont know if that is our faults or just a hard area or what but we continue to try our bests and let the Lord help us!
While tracting, Elder Holman and I passed a garage sale and bought 2 basketballs for a total of $10 so that was awesome!! We love us some basketball!! 🙂 hah we also went to lunch… guess where mom..dad… QUDOBA!!!!!! They have it here and it is just amazing.. still the same as back home in Colorado!!
This weekend we actually had a youth activity and played ultimate frisbee with the youth in the ward which was a ton of fun.  Afterwards, we had dinner at the leaders house where he made us some amazing blueberry pancakes!  It was so fun to get to know the youth because that is a route we are trying to take in getting their nonmember friends to come to activities.
This week was a ton of fun and also very long and tiring.  The life here is so different and just crazy all the time.  Up at 6:30am and In Bed at 10:30pm.. working all day everyday is so tiring and hard on the body but oh well what can I do.  I am really missing my music.  Of course i love and miss my family so much, but music is really settling in because I miss it so much!  No phone, no internet, no Tv, no music!!! ITS SO HARD!!! haha but its only for 2 years so i can do that!  There isnt a day that I dont think about all of you and the fun times at home.  I miss you and love you and cant wait to see you again.  Its gonna be amazing but there is still lots of work for me to do before I can come home.  You are amazing. Thanks so much for the love and support I get each day! I miss you and love you soo much. Ill talk to ya in a week!!! Love ya XOXOXO 😛 🙂 Time to go play some bball!! 🙂
-Elder Ford
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