1 MONTH!!! It has almost been 1 month!!!!!! What the Heck??? hahhaha 🙂

   Another week down here in Seattle… well technically in Bothell but it’s whatever. Things are going good here just trying our best to find more people to teach.  Life is hard and long so far but it is all going to be worth it.  

  To start off I want to share some crazy and some awesome stuff here!! The Elders of our ward play basketball every Tuesday night so of course anyone that knows me knows that I am down!! We have started playing ball a few times in the morning for exercise and then games Tuesday nights which is a blast!!! 🙂 I love it.  I also got my bike… FINALLY. I dont really need it at the moment since I have a car but we like to go on rides for fun when we can.  (It is a pretty sweet bike DAD haha Ill send a picture next week. It is a red Fuji bike… i like it a lot!!!!)
Another thing that happened was coming across some crazy hippi’s.  As some of you know, marijuana and gay marriage is legal here… and boy do you see that around.. bleh :/ Not a fan.  Elder Holman and I came across a guy in his 20s that opened the door and was higher than a kite!!! The smell was awful and the dude was just, might I say… HILARIOUS!  Im not sure if the guy knew who we really were but he wanted to get back inside to as what he said “eat his granola!” You meet and see a lot of crazy people and it really is interesting.  It makes me miss Utah where us people are at least somewhat normal. 🙂  The mission is funny and it is entertaining also hahah because i was given a HOLY QURAN from a muslim guy… I have accepted the goal and task to try and collect as many religious books as I can while on my mission… challenge accepted and lastly  
I am also addicted to TILLAMOOK ICE CREAM!!! Goodnight snack right there.. (Alexa would enjoy that!!) But now to the good stuff…..  
   Elder Holman and I taught our investigators again a few times this week and they went well.  Our little buddy Braxton is leaving us on Sunday to go back home for the school year and his dad didnt want him to rush anything so he is either going to get baptized at Christmas in Utah.. or he will come back here in a year to be baptized.  It is kind of sad that we wont be able to baptize him but it is all in the work of the Lord and it doesnt matter who baptizes him as long as he gets baptized.  We will miss him a ton but he an amazing kid.  He has asked the best questions and smartest ones over any adult we have taught and it is amazing to see him learn, grow, and build his testimony.  His dad (Brother Kime) has been coming to church now from being in-active and it is amazing to see how much his son learning and growing has built up his testimony and brought back his faith.  The spirit works in many ways and it is so amazing to see it strengthen homes and families.  

Next, is our SOLID investigator Elaine!!! GUESS WHAT????? We committed her to baptism. 🙂  She has agreed to be baptized on September 7th!!  We taught Elaine the importance of the Sabbath Day and the Word of Wisdom which was super important because she struggles with smoking.  She has been to church the last 2 weeks and loves everything about it.  I am so impressed with her.  She has been so interested and committed to the Gospel and we can see how much she has grown and how much happier she has been.  Since the lesson on the Word of Wisdom and the commitment to live the Word of Wisdom…. ELAINE HASNT SMOKED!!! 🙂 We check up on her everyday and make sure she is doing well and every time we get the best answer….,”Guys I havent touched a cigarette and it is getting a lot easier to just stay away.”  These are the words of a lady that has been using incredible amounts of faith and has been touched by the Spirit.  In no way is addictions and habits easy to overcome and they cant be done alone.  Elaine has recognized it, gotten help, and now she is living worthily to be baptized on September 7th.  The work of the Lord is incredible and I love seeing people who are happy! 🙂
Other things that happened in the week are not very lucky for us.  We actually found about 5 new investigators…. however they all are young single adults which means we have to give the referals to the YSA missionaries and we cant teach them 😦 Once again, it doesnt matter who teaches them and brings them to Christ, but it seems like all the work we are doing just isnt paying off yet but it will! 🙂 I guess we will have to believe as the jews do in GOOD CARMA!!! It will eventually come back around 🙂  We did come in contact with some new potential investigators named Kim, Kevin, Nick, and Dave.  We havent been able to set up appointments with them but if we can start teaching them and gain 4 new investigators.. that would be amazing.  All we can do is prepare and let the Lord and the Spirit guide us to those searching for the Gospel.
The work is hard and some days are a struggle.  Some days are great and I dont even think about home, but some days all I can do is think about home and how long this mission is going to be.  I am still learning and it is difficult but I will do my best and as I get into the work I know that I will be blessed and all of my friends and family will be blessed.  I cant decide if the time is going by fast or slow yet..?? BUT I have been gone about A MONTH…!! Already??? Was it fast or slow I am not sure yet but we will see as more months go by.. 
I love you all so much and miss you a lot.  May the Lord bless you as you follow him and live your lives fully. I cant wait until I can see you all again and share stories in person because I already have a lot of them 🙂 But I miss you and love you so much!! Have a wonderful week and I will be back here talking to you in a week!! XOXOX
-Elder Ford
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