How is it going everybody??? Guess what…. I am here in Seattle!!! I am actually in a place called Bothell with my new trainer/companion Elder Holman.  He is from Idaho and he is way cool.  He has been out for about 8 months so he is pretty dang smart.  My mission president and his wife are so sweet! President and Sister Choi!  We have already taught 2 lessons yesterday with less active members…. ya first day there and i already had to try and teach 2 lessons!!!! SCARY!!!! The first one went pretty well and the second one went amazing! Their names are the Kimes.  They had us over for dinner and a lesson and we had steaks and ribs… not a bad first night of food!!! hahah 🙂 The parents are not active in the church but the son was a little bit interested in the church. While we talked at dinner, the son said that he wanted to be baptized a mormon and not catholic anymore.  This was a shocker to not only us, but the parents.  This kids name is Braxton and he is 12 years old.  We are coming to teach him now Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week.  The only challenge is, that he has to talk to his real mom who lives away because he is with his Dad and step mom and his real mom is catholic.  The day was so long but it was a really cool experience.  I am so scared to talk to people on the streets though and tracking is making me nervous.  Coming here is such a different feeling.  When you step out in the streets you seem like the bad guy or the minority.  It definitely is not Saint George anymore where you are common to be mormon.  I am struggling a little bit with the teaching and i am trying to not be scared and nervous.  I know i will be helped and comforted here and i have the support here to help me no matter how hard and bad i struggle.  I am excited here. AND GUESS WHAT!!! The area i am in right now…. i have a car!!!! Wahoooo!!! The sun has been out and it feels really good!! I have heard that it hasnt rained here in 32 days so that is kind of nice hahah but i miss the rain.. it definitely feels really good here though.  First time on the plane was kind of freaky but it was good! I am safe and back on my territory which is the lovely ground!!! 🙂 I will be having my P-Days every monday now :):) I miss you all and love you so much! Being away is hard on me but i know that i will be comforted and it will get a lot easier as it moves on!! I miss you sooo much and love you!!! XOXOXO

-Elder Ford
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