Hey everyone!!
How is everyone doing?  I am doing good here at the MTC!  I have been here a week and a day now and I have learned so much!  This Tuesday is the day… going to SEATTLE!! Just a few more days and I am being booted to the field.  I am extremely scared and nervous but I am also so ready to get out there and begin teaching and helping people come unto Christ!  The MTC has been fun but also stressful and a struggle.  I have the best district and zone in the whole wide world!  We all love each other and have worked so great together.  Any time we need anything we can always go to each other no matter what.  We also happen to have the best teachers at the MTC too!!! And believe it or not, we got to have the biggest classroom they have at the MTC and one of the ones with A/C.. and there are only 10 of us in the room!! We are so blessed and lucky to have the best everything here at the MTC!! 🙂  The experience has been great.  We actually have been extremely busy! Up by 6:30 and busy until 10:00 at night so you are exhausted when you get home!  The schedule is packed with lessons and classes and meetings all day and it is starting to get old so I am so ready to get to Seattle where I will at least be outside traveling places to get around.  My companion here is Elder Gemperline from Farmington, UT.  He is extremely smart and knows a lot so sometimes I feel kind of under him but it is great beacuse we work well together.  We have had the opportunities to teach investigators here at the MTC.  Now the investigators are all different.  Some of them are real members to the church, some are converts, and some arent members at all so it is kind of stressful because we never will find out what they really are.  In other words, if they are members they are paid actors to help us teach.  The first investigator we have taught is Jill.  Jill is actually our teacher Sister Coltrin, but she is playing the role of an investigator she taught on her mission in Canada named Jill.  Jill is extremely hard to teach.  She has a family that are members but she doenst know what she should do.  She has faith through prayer, she read the Book of Mormon and knows it is true but the thing lacking is that she worries that if she is baptized she will fall short and make mistakes.  We taught her about the repentance process and the atonement but she still hasnt made any progress for us.  We just hope and pray that she will feel the love and truth of the spirit.  Next, the investigator that we taught was a real investigator that we didnt know and hadent ever met.  His name is Javier.  Javier is from Madrid, Spain and moved to Utah to teach Spanish Art and Literature at USU Eastern.  He works with and is around members all the time so he was really curious and had us meet with him.  Javier explained that he know of gold plates and he was very interested.  With that, we taught him the restoration of the Gospel and he was fascinated.  He committed to pray and read the Book of Mormon until our next visit with him.  We went back yesterday and he told us he knows it is true and that he couldn’t put the book down.  Javier wanted to get baptized but wanted to first learn more about the church!  That was an amazing experience and it just makes me want to have success and help the people of Seattle come unto Christ.  Now I know not all discussions are going to be like that in Seattle, but I can only hope that I find the people that are waiting for me and my companion to help them change and feel the spirit to come unto Christ.  This MTC experience has been amazing and really has taught me that I need to have incredible faith and feel the spirt because the spirit is the real comforter and teacher.  I need to feel the love and learn to love the people I teach so that I can understand them.  I have been struggling in role plays to know what to say and know what to ask but I can just hope that I will hopefully learn and become a better teacher soon!  I love you all and miss you so much!! My P-Days are going to be on Mondays when i reach Seattle!  You all can email me personally on here or it might be easier to write some letters and send them to my address so it is maybe a little easier for me.  Anything works though 🙂 My address and email and everything is on my facebook account…. whatever facebook is anymore…… lol i forgot about the real world!!! but  I love you all and hope that life is going good! Have a wonderful week and we will talk again soon! Miss ya and Love ya :):)
-Elder Ford


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